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" The World of Earth Sciences "

Montreal, ???, 2002


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Subject: Web site presentation, advertising and messages or financial contribution to the growth of this site


Madam, Sir,

The purpose of this message is to present you a new bilingual Internet site (English and French) that will meet the many educational needs of the Net surfers (individuals and companies) interested in earth sciences, geography, earth... This Internet site is The world according to Serge (http://www.sftext.com). It contains many parts: World maps, World of earth sciences, Children stories...

World Maps (http://www.sftext.com/map/world_map.html) is a section showing, in a size fitting perfectly with computer screens, maps about continents (countries, cities, oceans, seas, altitudes, depths, mountains, ridges, oceanic trenches, sea currents...), earth relief, tectonic plates, age of the earth, earthquakes, volcanism... This site is ideal for geology and geography teaching. Many other maps will follow soon!

The World of Earth Sciences (http://www.sftext.com/earth/) is an interactive phonebook specialised on earth sciences. This interactive Web site contains many mailing lists (> 9 500 addresses / http://www.sftext.com/earth/message_about_this_site.html) of companies (address, telephone, fax, E-mail, Internet address, a short description of the companies, their stock exchange codes or abbreviations, their old names and subsidiaries) about various expertise fields related to geology: mining and petroleum companies (3 864), and companies connected to drilling (1 267), geophysics (793), geotechnics & geochemistry (582), softwares (247), magazines (864), parts connected to research and educational centers (5 947), governments (360), organisations (1 245) and a data base (318).

To know about the other parts, see site description: http://www.sftext.com/site_description.html.

To advertise on the site, see the form: http://www.sftext.com/subscription.html and the price list: http://www.sftext.com/advertising_opportunities.html.

Statistics (http://www.sftext.com/statistiques/statistics_2002.html) of various sections inside this Web site, which brought 231 642 visitors on the different parts in 2001 and over 130 000 visitors since January 2002 (200 000 hits/month), without too much advertising, are already available on the Internet. The site is in full growth !

The World according to Serge is also opened to financial contributions to finance its numerous projects: 1) translate the part World maps in Spanish and create new maps, 2) add many companies, addresses and departments on earth sciences across the world, 3) add another children story, 4) improve the different parts, like create a research engine able to find quickly the wanted company,... With enough financing, many new parts could be created, like The World of sciences (http://www.sftext.com/projects_with_financing.html) containing The World of biological sciences, The World of agriculture, The World of physical sciences,...

With your financial help, the survival and the growth of this site will be certain.

Sincerely yours.
Serge Fortin (SF TEXT)